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Beyond the Skills Gap

Education Policy

New report highlights the role of the Higher Education Act in addressing America’s skills deficit.

policy paper | September 30, 2014 | Education Policy
Chaos for Dual Language Learners

Chaos for Dual Language Learners

Linguistic diversity is increasing among American K-12 students but policies for dual language learners aren’t keeping pace with the demographic shifts in our schools. Policies vary incoherently from state to state and worse, almost none follow the latest science on how young children learn a second language. The Weekly Wonk spotlights the findings of New America senior researcher Conor P. Williams, who weighs in on the realities and ramifications of this chaos.

in the news | September 16, 2014 | Education Policy

Campbell Brown Is Getting The Same Treatment Michelle Rhee Got

Few issues these days bring the rhetorical heat like education. So I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to see a new attack site purporting to reveal “The Real Campbell Brown” as a right-wing mouthpiece shilling for Wall Streeters. After all, Brown is a leader in an ongoing legal fight in New York — where several lawsuits are seeking to replicate a recent California court’s decision striking down a number of the state’s teacher tenure rules (Vergara v. California).

in the news | September 15, 2014 | Education Policy

Lisa Guernsey on the Jim Engster Show

Also, Lisa Guernsey closes out Monday's show to promote and discuss her latest book Screen Time: How Electronic Media - From Baby Videos to Educational Software - Affects Your Young Child. As a mother of two young daughters Lisa wondered what television, videos, and digital media in general was doing to her children, and her book is the end result of her resolve to find out.

in the news | September 12, 2014 | Education Policy

12 education thought leaders you should follow on Twitter

Williams is a senior researcher with the New America Foundation, which means he is not only sifting through a lot of data, but has a lot of opinions as well. From Talking Points Memo to The Daily Beast, Williams' opinions seem to be all over the net. Given the large amount of work he is producing, there is constantly something new to read. Williams also appears to be pretty accessible, often engaging with other twitter users and followers about the content he writes.

in the news | September 04, 2014 | Education Policy

Teachers Unions Under Fire

Teachers unions are fighting back against a California ruling that gutted two things they hold sacred: tenure laws and seniority provisions. But they face an uphill battle to reshape their image as opponents—and even some allies—say they are standing in the way of needed improvements in education.

policy paper | August 06, 2014 | Education Policy
Making the Hours Count

Making the Hours Count

With growing public interest in how states and localities provide access to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, policymakers are increasingly being forced to confront the numerous, contradictory ways in which children’s learning opportunities are measured.