The True Patriot

book | January 01, 2008

    Eric Liu

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It’s been hijacked by the right and abandoned by the left, but the principles of true patriotism -- country above self, responsible stewardship, equality, shared sacrifice and service -- are inherently progressive. The True Patriot challenges progressives to retake patriotism. Written in the pamphleteering style of Thomas Paine, it presents a manifesto, ten-principal plan, and moral code that reframe the concept of patriotism and return politics to what it once was: a civic virtue and responsibility that fueled the country’s founders.

The True Patriot makes a powerful argument that our heritage as a great nation is a progressive heritage, and it shows what each one of us can do to heal America and regain our position of moral leadership at home and abroad.

BY: Governor Howard Dean

A must read for progressives and conservatives alike. Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer return the definition of patriotism to the founders ideal and challenge all of us to put aside meaningless partisanship and rise up through sacrifice and innovation to face the practical realities of the 21st century.

BY: Andy Stern, President, Service Employees International Union and author, A Country That Works

The True Patriot is an eloquent statement of the ideals on which our democracy was founded and which need to be revived by modern day patriots. Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu remind us that patriotism is not so much about waving a flag as it is about living those ideals.

BY: George Lakoff, author of Don't Think of an Elephant

Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu are true patriots and certifiable American heroes for clearly articulating the nexus between our country's most cherished first principles and core progressive values.

BY: Rob Stein, founder, Democracy Alliance

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