To Live or to Perish Forever

Two Tumultuous Years in Pakistan

book | May 01, 2009

    Nicholas Schmidle

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In To Live or to Perish Forever Nicholas Schmidle takes readers to Pakistan's rioting streets, to Taliban camps in the North-West Frontier Province, and on many surprising adventures as he provides a contemporary history of this country long riven by internal conflict. With the intimacy and good humor available only to the most fearless and open-eyed reporters, Schmidle narrates this turbulent period of Pakistan's recent history, a time when Americans began to realize that Pakistan's fate is inextricably linked with our own.

Journalist Schmidle offers a gripping, grim account of his two years as a journalism fellow in Pakistan, where his travels took him into the most isolated and unfriendly provinces, and into the thick of interests and beliefs that impede that nation's peace and progress.

BY: Publishers Weekly

A riveting read by an intrepid reporter in one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Nicholas Schmidle has written a must-read book to understand turbulent but pivotal Pakistan.

BY: Robin Wright, author of Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East

To Live or to Perish Forever is foreign correspondence of the very best kind – the account of a natural traveler who has the language skills, temerity, and eyesight to arrive where outsiders rarely go and then to report revealingly on what he sees and hears.

BY: Steve Coll, author of Ghost Wars and The Bin Ladens

Nicholas Schmidle's portrait of Pakistan is worth more than a whole stack of intelligence reports.

BY: Nathaniel Fick, author of the New York Times bestseller One Bullet Away

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    Nicholas Schmidle