New America’s International Security Program Launches Dynamic ISIS Map

press release | August 11, 2014

  • New America

Washington, DC — Today, New America’s International Security Program (ISP) launched a dynamic new map, “ISIS in Iraq,” that tracks the movement of the Sunni jihadist group, the Islamic State (IS), formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), across the region.

SIS began making advances against Iraqi government interests earlier this year and soon gained control of cities and infrastructure. The goal of the group is to establish a Muslim caliphate across Syria and Iraq. But as the militants sweep across the country – imposing a strict version of Shari’a that includes extrajudicial killings and forced conversions – the humanitarian crisis has worsened. So too has the threat to American interests, with Iraq losing control of at least four of its oil fields.

An interactive timeline and map details each incident where a city, town, military outpost, or key point of infrastructure changed hands, and shows which group is now in control of that city. Multiple groups, including ISIS, the Iraqi government, and Kurdish militias, are vying for control of key locations in Iraq. ISIS in Iraq will be regularly updated to reflect the real-time situation on the ground. The site also provides background information on specific locations seized by the insurgent group in the progression of the conflict.

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