X-Lab anticipates the disruptions and potentially dystopian outcomes of different policy options and aims to help humanity change course through bold policy interventions, privacy-conscious technology development, and novel business models.

X-Lab Prepares For Tech Policy Battles In The Far Future, Three Years Off | TechPresident


For the past seven years Sascha Meinrath and his team at the New America Foundation have made the Open Technology Institute a force for promoting a more open, accessible internet. He has informed internet policy, and built innovative tools, like the...

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press release | April 30, 2014 | X-Lab

New America’s Sascha Meinrath Launches X-Lab: Innovative Platform to Anticipate and Prepare for Future Disruptions in Tech Policy

Incubator will bring together tech experts & thought leaders from around the globe

New America

WASHINGTON, DC — Community Internet pioneer and entrepreneurial visionary Sascha Meinrath announced the launch today of X-Lab, an innovative platform to anticipate, develop, and respond to what’s next in tech policy. Recognizing that today’s decisions about how we interact with technology will determine how we live, work, govern, and ...